Dr Oz says Try Monk Fruit as a Natural Sweetener

Satisfy your sugar craving with Monk Fruit Sweetner and put an end to energy crashes from eating sugar.

Monk Fruit is an incredible sugar alternative.

It is a small green melon that comes from Asia.

It has only 3 calories in a serving but a 150 times the sweetness of sugar.

So you can enjoy the sweetness without the calories.

It is also known as Lo Han Sweetener

Dr Oz had some extensive medical research done:

Traditional Chinese has used Monk Fruit has been used for centuries to treat diabetes and obesity in South East Asia.

It has a low glycemic index which does not jack up blood sugars in your body so it doesn’t wreck havoc with your hormones and cause fatigue.

Test tube studies found it can stimulate insulin secretion.

Look for the Orange Packets but is available in many forms.

Get in a pure form with no added sugar.

Get it in packet form

Dropper form

Powder Scoop form:

You now have a new solution to sweeten you coffee.

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